The Safe Science System

We apply a rigorous, evidence-based system using technology and solutions
proven effective against Covid-19.


Tailor Protocols

We customize sanitizing regimens to the surfaces, chemistry, and regulatory needs of your facility.

Our scientists are Registered Sanitarians with the State of Michigan. They bring experience leading safety from the world’s largest food companies



Apply alcohol on high-touch surfaces. Where appropriate, wipe to break up biofilms or remove visible soil.


Vital Oxide Electrostatic Fog

Vital Oxide works together with Biomist. The solution produces minimal residue, provides a lasting residual effect, and safely decomposes.


Pulsed Xenon UV Light

Kill pathogens with an advanced form of ultraviolet light. For complex shapes, we augment pulsed xenon with handheld UVC lights.


Capture Data

Technicians record each step using a mobile app connected to a central database. This provides end-to-end traceability. 



We provide Safety Dashboards on tablets for reception and POS as well as table/desk signs, reception signs, and door decals.

Build confidence with customers, employees, residents, and students.