Disinfection Services

Preventative Sanitizing

  • No residue or scent. 
  • Generally a recurring service such as daily or weekly.
  • Offices and schools are priced by number of workstations.

Confirmed Case Disinfection

  • Guaranteed 24 hour response-usually same day.
  • Technicians wear respirators and Tyvek suits.
  • Customers, employees, or residents should not be present.

Optionally, we can swab surfaces and perform PCR tests to confirm absence of coronavirus. 


Tailor Protocols

Our standard protocol applies to most buildings. If needed, we can customize sanitizing to the surfaces and chemistry of your facility. Our scientists are Registered Sanitarians with the State of Michigan who bring decades of experience from large food companies.



Apply Biomist alcohol-based disinfectant on high-touch surfaces. Biomist evaporates immediately. Where appropriate, wipe to break up biofilms or visible soil.


Vital Oxide Electrostatic Fog

Apply Vital Oxide to all surfaces using true electrostatic fogging. Vital Oxide is a specialized quaternary disinfectant that decomposes without residue or odor. Vital Oxide and Biomist combine together for enhanced effects.


Pulsed Xenon UV Light

Kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces with a powerful form of ultraviolet light (A, B, and C) that replicates intense sunlight. 


Capture Data

Optionally, technicians can record each step using a mobile app. This provides end-to-end traceability to communicate to your customers and employees how they are protected. 



Optionally, we provide Safety Dashboards on tablets for reception and POS as well as table/desk signs, reception signs, and door decals.

Build confidence with customers, employees, residents, and students.