Defeat coronavirus

Safe Science applies a rigorous protocol confirmed in lab studies to destroying viruses-including in the air using hospital-grade UV light.

Selected Clients

Covid Sanitizing Service

Rigorous, three-part protocol confirmed in lab studies.

We sanitize both air and surfaces using (1) Biomost alchohol on high touch surfaces, (2) Vital Oxide disinfectant electrostatically applied on all surfaces,  and (3) pulsed xenon ultraviolet light in high traffic areas. We partner with EPA and FDA-accredited labs to validate sanitizing protocols. Our system leaves no odors and no residue.

Biomisting 2
Puro 1

UV Lights, Robots, and HVAC

Pulsed xenon ultraviolet light cleans air.

We use and sell Puro Lighting products. Puro Lighting’s differentiated ultraviolet technology has been selected by government agencies, hospitals, and leading companies. Lab studies confirm destroying coronavirus in the air and on surfaces.

Veteran Owned
Small Business


GR company broadens food processing sanitization to help stop COVID-19 spread

Startup brings technology to COVID-19 fight

Veteran-owned sanitation start up helps GR businesses fight COVID-19