The only cleaning service to destroy coronavirus in the air.

Safe Science applies medical-grade ultraviolet light with our three part process for
commercial cleaning, preventative Covid sanitization, and confirmed case disinfection.

Selected Clients

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Healthy Commercial Cleaning

Science-based protocols to protect employees and customers.

We provide a unique approach integrating commercial cleaning and Covid sanitizing. Next, we provide signs and an interactive Safety Dashboard so people understand how a building is protected.

Disinfect Confirmed Cases

Hygenic resets for facilities with confirmed coronavirus.

Safe Science remediates confirmed cases of Covid, listeria, norovirus, and salmonella including disposing medical waste and testing for coronavirus.

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Puro 1

UV Lights for Safe Buildings

Part of a holistic, systems-based approach to sanitation.

We use and resell Puro Lighting products. Puro Lighting’s pulsed xenon technology has been proven in laboratory tests to defeat coronavirus. We partner closely with EPA and FDA-accredited labs to confirm sanitizing protocols.

Veteran Owned
Small Business

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Safe Science System

Proven effective in lab studies. Disinfects air. No residue.

  1. Biomist alcohol applied to high touch surfaces.
  2. Vital Oxide electrostatic fogging for all surfaces.
  3. Ultraviolet light using pulsed xenon UV lights from Puro.


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